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Doctor Liping Ding participate the 2007 doctor's forum

On Nov.2 2007, Liping Ding who was the doctor of materials of 2004 grade was invited to take part into the form of 2007’doctor .She gave a report about the information of USA in the IT of college.Liping Ding is the only one student studied abroad by sum assistant of China Scholarship Council in the history of university. She was admitted by our university in 2004 and be a student of Prof. Yu Fang. Because of the predominant study grade and good basement of English, she got the sum assistant of China Scholarship Council in 2006 and studied in the Michigan State University for one year.
The report was sponsored by Taihong Liu , president Yu Fang, associate dean Ziwei Gao, the secretary of graduate students Shaoheng Liu and partial of students of college attended the report meeting. Liping Ding introduced the process of study abroad, education of overseas, the general situation of laboratory, and self-service tourism and so forth. Moreover, she answered the questions of classmates.
At last, Prof. Yu Fang concluded that, following rapid improvement of study level of university, the cooperation of international communication has been more affinitive, all of the graduate students and undergraduate students should improve their English and study ability, cherish the chance applied by school and country of receiving further education in the famous universities abroad and home. 

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