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Wenting Hu

  • Name:Wenting Hu
  • Degree:Master
  • Grade:2012
  • Major:physical chemistry
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Education Experience

 1. 2007.09-2011.07  Bachelor Xianyang Normal university chemistry and chemical college

2. 2012.09-Key Lab of Applied Surface and Colloid Chemistry of MOE

Research Experiences

  1. Study of Nano-scale Silica modification by KH-550

  2. Interaction of drug molecules to bovine serum protein and DNA

Conferences Attended

    Paper-Studies” in Fang’s Group Bi-weekly

Scholarships and Honors

   1. English:  Fourth Degree     Computer : Second Class in 2C language

  2. 2009-20010 National Spirit Scholarship

  3. 2009-20010 Counselors as the assistant,by Xianyang Normal University chemistry and chemical college

  4. 2009-2010  Excellent Student,by Xianyang Normal University

  5. 2009-2010  Excellent League member of top ten, by Xianyang Normal University

  6. 2008-2009  National Spirit Scholarship,by Xianyang Normal University

  7. 2008-2009  Advanced Individual in the work class,by Xianyang Normal University

  8. 2008-2009  Excellent Students' Leader,by Xianyang Normal University

  9. 2008-2009  Excellent League member,Xianyang Normal University

 10. 2007-2008  Third Class Scholarship, by Shaanxi Normal University


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