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Keru Zhao

  • Name:Keru Zhao
  • Degree:Master
  • Grade:2010
  • Major:physical chemistry
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Education Experience

   1. September 2010~present: M.S. candidate in Physical Chemistry, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shaanxi Normal University 

  2. September 2005~July 2009: B.S. in Chemistry, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shaanxi Normal University 

Research Experiences

 3. A Butterfly-shaped Pyrene Derivative of Cholesterol and Its Uses as A Fluorescent Probe

Conferences Attended

  1. The 28th Chinese Chemical Soiety Congress, Chengdu, China.

  2. The symposium for youth chemists of Shaanxi Provincial Chemical Society. Xi’an, China.

  3. The 8thNational Symposium on Electronic Process in Organic Solids. Xi’an, China.

  4. The 9thNational Symposium on Electronic Process in Organic Solids. Yangzhou, China. 

Scholarships and Honors

   1. In November, 2010, I was Awarded Wengfu Venture Competition of Chinese College Students, Bronze Award, by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. (once) 

  2. In March, 2006, May, 2007, March, 2009, January, 2010 and December, 2010, I was Awarded Excellent Student Leader, by Shaanxi Normal University. (five times)

  3. In May, 2012, I was Awarded Excellent Graduate Students, by Shaanxi Normal University. (once) 

  4. In June, 2006, June, 2007, April 2008, November, 2008 and November, 2011, The Second-class Academic Scholarship, by Shaanxi Normal University. (five times)


   1. Keru Zhao., et al. Synthesis and Solution Behavior of Butterfly-shaped Di-pyrene-Di-cholesterol Derivation. (The 28th Chinese Chemical Society Congress, Chengdu)

  2. Keru Zhao., et al. A Butterfly-shaped Pyrene Derivative of Cholesterol and Its Sensing Applications. (The 9th national symposium on electronic process in organic solids, Yangzhou)

  3. Yu Fang, Keru Zhao., et al. The synthesis and application of fluorescent probe containing pyrene and cholesterol. Application No.: CN 201110178282.0.

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