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Professor Fang's Research Group Held Table Tennis Friendship Match for the 2013 New Year's Coming

As the new year of 2013 is coming, a friendly table tennis match is held by the professor Fang Yu`s research group. The match is kicked off in our laboratory. Apart from Fang`s group members, teachers from the Chemical Engineering School as well as the colleague group members led by professor Xin from the School of Physics Information Technology are also invited.
The participants are divided into a mixed group and the Fang`s group. All the athletes have a single game and a double game. With a sportsmanship of friendship first and competition second in heart, all team members represent a spirit of cooperation and solidarity. The whole competition is full of joyfulness.
In this friendly match, we all realize the significance of the “unity” in the sports game and also its irreplaceable role played in our research study. With this acknowledgement and passion in mind, the whole group members will thus strive to devote to the study research and make more contribution to their laboratory. 

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