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Prof. Hrvoje Petek visit to Yu Fang’s Group
Invited by Yu Fang president, Prof. Hrvoje Petek, who is a professor in the university of Pittsburgh and the editor of Progress in Surface Science, visited our school and made a report for School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering titled “CO2 capture and ultrafast photoelectron spectroscopy on metal and metal oxide surfaces.
The report is based on the research direction of Prof. Hrvoje Petek, which is about CO2 capture and its oxidation on metal surfaces. His research interests focus on the surface femtochemistry and photocatalysis and ultrafast microscopy of coherent excitations in solids. He is a pioneer in the coherent ultrafast spectroscopy and microscopy of solid-state materials. Petek holds the R. K. Mellon Chair in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pittsburgh, and a visiting professor in numerous universities throughout Europe and Asia.
Professor Liping Ding hosted the seminar. Some professors and post-graduate students participated in this seminar, through this seminar between teachers and students has a new awareness and understanding in this field. At the end of the seminar, professor Liping Ding presented souvenir of Fang Group for gratitude.


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